The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child

New scientific research shows how the ADHD gene has been critical to humanity’s development for 40,000 years• Shows how artists, inventors, and innovators carry the gene necessary for the future survival of humanity|• Explains why children with the Edison gene are so often mislabeled in our public schools as having ADHD• By the creator of the “hunter/farmer hypothesis” of ADHDThomas Edison was thrown out of school for behavior that today would label him as having ADHD, but his mother understood how to salvage his self-esteem and prepare him for a lifetime of success. The quick-thinking and impulsive characteristics of what we term ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are not signs of a disorder at all, but rather are parts of a highly adaptive and useful skill set that served our hunting and gathering ancestors very well. In The Edison Gene Thom Hartmann shows that these characteristics have also been critical to the survival and development of our modern civilization and will be vital and necessary as humanity faces new challenges in the future. Hartmann, creator of the “hunter/farmer hypothesis” of ADHD, examines the latest discoveries confirming the existence of an ADHD gene and the earth-wide catastrophe 40,000 years ago that may well have triggered its development. Citing examples of significant innovators of our modern era, he argues that the brains of the children who possess the Edison gene are wired to give them brilliant success as innovators, inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs, but that those same qualities often cause them problems in the context of our public schools. Hartmann offers concrete strategies for helping Edison-gene children to reach their full potential and shows that rather than being “problems,” they are an important and vital gift to our society and world.

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Book Title: The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child

Book Author: Thom Hartmann

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ISBN: 0892811285